Ryggtraverser med Bergbjørn Fjellservice

Ridge Traverses

Do you fancy long scrambling tours high in the mountains, including exposed terrain, thin ridges, easy climbing and a couple of rappells? In northern Norway there is a lot of ridgeclimbing to choose from with a variation of length and difficulty, anything from a day to multiple days. Some are best suitable to be done in the winter with skis, meaning going down is part of the fun.

A long ridge traverse needs to be well planned and have a good weather window. If the traverse is over multiple days we make a bivouac sleeping under the midnight sun or the aurora in the winter. We carry as little as possible to make the going easier, but you need to be fit enough for long days in the mountains. You need good shoes to climb with and a backpack at about 35 litres. If there is a planned bivvy you need sleeping bag and sleeping mat as well.

All climbing equipment is included.

Contact us for an offer and to discuss possible routes!

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