About us

We are Karin and Tore Bergbjørn, husband and wife, and we prefer to be in the outdoors!

Bergbjørn Fjellservice is our common project where we aim to create our own everyday life. We both have our roots in Hedmark but moved together to Sogndal in 2012 where we lived and worked for three years. Since then we have worked some summers in Lofoten, got engaged at the summit of Stetind, lived two years on a sailing boat in Kvaløya, had a year in Signaldalen (Lyngen) before moving south to Skjomen, Narvik.

In addition to guide climbing, skiing and dogsledding tours, we also work with rope access, working in altitude and using climbing techniques both onshore and offshore. This involves both rigging for tree cutting, work on high buildings and oil platforms.

Tore Bergbjørn:

I grew up in Elverum with a family that spent a lot of time outdoors, either in our cabin in Bittermarka or hunting and fishing nearby our family house. In winter I spent a lot of time skiing, both nordic and telemark, with big leather boots, which I still find is a lot of fun.

As a twelve year old, I got introduced to climbing, and I spent more time in the vertical mountain life. I climbed Romsdalshorn for the first time as a fourteen year old, together with a friend, and since then a lot of the famous mountains both in Norway and abroad. Of the longer climbs I have done is El Capitan (Mescalito), in Yosemite, USA, Alpamayo, Artesonraju and others in Peru, Cerro Torre in Patagonia, and many summits in the european Alps. I have also been skiing a lot in the Alps through the years, since I was a teenager.

Amongst the longer nordic skitouring trips I have crossed Finnmarksvidda, Hardangervidda, and some longer tours in Jotunheimen and Trollheimen.

I’m a certified mountainguide (IFMGA, UIAGM, IVBV), and guide skitouring, alpine climbing, rock climbing and mountain biking.

I am also a rope access level 3, safety leader, and an electrician.

Tore Bergbjørn
Tore Bergbjørn

Karin Bergbjørn:

I started skiing as a two year old, and since stayed outdoors. Today I ski, climb, bike, run and spend many hours on a dogsled watching dogs butts. I prefer to be in the mountains no matter the weather or time of year.

For ten years I worked as a professional jockey in France, riding racehorses. During a vacation in Patagonia I tried climbing for the first time, and I was instantly hooked. I then decided to move to Norway, and have since climbed major peaks in both Norway, Europe and South-America. I was the first scandinavian woman to climb Cerro Torre, crossed the Patagonian ice cap from south to north, and sailed the norwegian coast. The last years I have put a lot of effort into our huskies and raced long distance races in Norway, including the Finnmarksløp.

I’m a geologist working with geohazards for Sweco, drone pilot R2, coursed in snow avalanches and rescue, and certified climbing and yoga instructor. I also have done courses in “Wilderness first aid” and “Leave no Trace”. I have also worked many years in hotels and restaurant business.

Karin Bergbjørn
Karin Bergbjørn