Brekurs med Bergbjørn Fjellservice

Glacier course

Three-day glacier course on Steindalsbreen.

Steindalsbreen is a glacier in Norddalen, Skjomen, south of Narvik. The glacier is very well suited for learning glacier travel and crevasse rescue techniques.

Day 1:
Rope techniques, knots, crampon technique, crossing crevasses and protection placing.

Day 2:
Crevasse rescue, possibly some ice climbing.

Day 3:
Climbing day, crossing the glacier and climbing one of the summits. Snow protection and self arrest.

It is possible to accomodate the course in length or with a special objective in mind.

  • 2 pers: kr 6.000,- per pers
  • 3-4 pers: kr 5.000 per pers
  • 5-6 pers: kr 3.500 per pers