3 fjell på 5 dager med Bergbjørn Fjellservice

3 summits in 5 days

The perfect option for those that want to spend more time in the region around Narvik and would like to climb multiple summits. Booking 3 climbs in 5 days is more flexible in regards of weather and makes time for a restday or other activities in between.

The guide is booked for five days, and close to date you decide which of the three days you are climbing to get the best use of the forecast. You only pay for three days of guiding.

The climbs is adapted to skill level and our guests request.

Climbing summits that is suitable is Stetind, Kuglhorn, Storsteinsfjellet, “The sleeping queen”, Rombakstøtta, Reka, Hamarøyskaftet or others. We can also guide mountainbiking if this is one of your activities.

  • 1 pers: kr 12.000,-
  • 2 pers: kr 8.000,- per pers